Why Metal Storage Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Surely it’s always better to erect wooden garden sheds, because if you choose metal sheds, they will begin rusting from the day they arrive at your home?

It’s a clear misconception that metal sheds will rust.

Of course metal does rust if it is exposed to water, humidity and sunlight. However, if you purchase metal sheds from a quality superstore or online supplier, they will have treated the metal so that it cannot rust unless a seal is broken.

Why Metal Storage Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Why Metal Storage Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Don’t break the seal!

Essentially, you should treat your metal sheds the same way you would the vehicle that sits in your driveway. If you receive a small dent in your vehicle and you can see that the paint covering is broken all the way down to the metal, you know that rust will be invited in if you don’t deal with the situation, almost immediately.

Will wood rot?

The arguments against buying wooden garden sheds, are usually based around two factors. Firstly, bugs will eat into your wooden shed and having enjoyed the meal, leave the wood exposed, damaged and likely to rot if you don’t deal with the situation, almost immediately. Sounds familiar?

Second, if the wood is treated, which might include painting, it will rot over time because once it has left its former tree form, it isn’t receiving sufficient moisture from the ground and the air to keep it alive. Wooden garden sheds will receive too much water, from the sky, and not enough when the summer decides to arrive.

If you don’t treat wood or paint every single millimeter of the wood, you are exposing the wood to the elements, which will eventually result in damage and possibly rotting.

Selecting the right metal

All of the metal must be weatherproof before it leaves the factory. This isn’t a task you should be undertaking in your garden. There are many different ways that the metal can be weatherproofed and it should be appropriate to the weather conditions for where you live.

Use the right screws

Most metal sheds are put together through a series of screws and nuts and bolts. You must use weatherproof screws and other parts, as it would be a waste of time weatherproofing the main panels and roof, especially if you introduce a screw the can begin going rusty from the first day it rains.

Screen and bolting your shed together will make it tough and extremely durable. It is much more difficult to break into metal sheds than it is to force an entry into wooden garden sheds.

Some metal sheds are quite light. This does give you the advantage of making it easier to put the shed together during the assembly process, but metal sheds are easily damaged, possibly after just leaning against them or accidentally running your lawn mower too close for comfort.

Wooden garden sheds are more likely to hold back on simple damage because they are sturdier than the lightest and thinnest of metal sheds, but quality metal sheds are made from a much thicker material. You should always use gloves and have at least one assistant available to help you when you assemble a shed. This is absolutely vital if you’re putting metal sheds together.

At the end of the day, it is an individual choice of whether you believe metal sheds are a better choice for your garden over wooden garden sheds, but whatever sheds you decide upon, they work for your garden, so think of the finished assessment before you choose between metal and wood.

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