The First Home Improvement Project

Homeowners who have little to no experience doing home improvement work are often too timid to get started with a big project. This is a natural concern and can protect against a renovation disaster.

However, people everywhere are becoming more self-sufficient in tackling remodeling projects once left only to professional contractors. For safety’s sake and to be compliant to all codes, ordinances and code regulations, it is important to not take shortcuts.

While it is always a great idea to learn about the proper steps in taking care of your own home, keep in mind that some fixes will require a licensed and experienced professional like ABC Roofing.

The First Home Improvement Project

The First Home Improvement Project

Tackling the First Full Renovation Project

Home improvement projects cross many professional disciplines. Some are now even hybridized. Some include engineering, carpentry, electrical, plumbing and masonry. A hybrid might be an electrically-heated floor installed under ceramic tile. Another may be a complex shower system with an electrically-connected programming unit. Most see electrical work as the most dangerous building trade, but plumbing and simple carpentry can be dangerous too. Follow safety rules for tools and instructions for each product being installed.

The best place many homeowners find that can be used to complete a full renovation on, without worry as to the time it may take, is remodeling a secondary bathroom that only has a sink and toilet. Carpentry skills can be honed along with the rudimentary skills needed to install a new toilet, sink and light fixture. This is a project that can accommodate busy schedules since there is rarely any need to get it done in a hurry.

If something is confusing or just not working out right, there is time to consult someone who more knowledgeable. Steps needing completed can proceed at a much slower pace than would be necessary for any room of the house that sees regular use or is critical to the lifestyles of the occupants. Whereas a kitchen would by necessity need to be done in a rush, a spare bathroom can be completely redone as time allows. This builds skills and confidence to tackle bigger projects.

Learning how to tear out old work and preparing surfaces to receive new materials along with installation of the new things as a whole project shows exactly what is involved to accomplish bigger projects. Even small projects have setbacks and things that do not fit as well as planned. Getting a taste of both what can go wrong and right on a small project is very valuable.

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