Garden Anywhere With A Greenhouse

There is almost no excuse for not installing a greenhouse of some shape and size into your garden so that you can provide your family with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables for juicing, herbs and perhaps grow some garden plants for later use in your main garden.

Greenhouses don’t just have to be large industrial units. They can be designed to sit in small areas, sometimes as a lean-to your main building or another shed in your garden, so you can begin your urban growing across all four seasons.

Garden Anywhere With A Greenhouse

Garden Anywhere With A Greenhouse

Even if you live in an apartment or house with an extremely small garden, you can purchase very small greenhouses which fit inside your property and sometimes operate as a lean-to in an apartment or you can place them out on a balcony.

Which are the most popular greenhouses and why?

The most popular greenhouses are 4′ x 6′ or 6′ x 6′. Most people can find enough space in their garden to install this type of greenhouse, even allowing for a little room all around so that you can walk around your greenhouse and in times of maintenance, you have easy access to your building.

For people who claim to have no space whatsoever in their property, they can still manage some greenhouse gardening by placing a herb garden in the kitchen or growing some tomatoes indoors in one of those mini greenhouse designs you see in garden centres and in online gardening catalogues.

Greenhouses are designed to protect the occupants from the weather. In summer your greenhouse may become too hot and require ventilation and maybe even the use of a fan to move the air around the greenhouse to prevent your plants from wilting and dying. In winter you will need to add heating to your greenhouse as Jack Frost can play havoc with your plants across the winter months.

Add to your world of urban growing

When you’re using a small greenhouse for your urban growing you need to maximise the space inside your greenhouse so you can grow as many fruit and vegetable products as possible across the four seasons and perhaps supply your smaller community with a regular supply of carrots. You can make the most of the space inside a small greenhouse by adding staging that you can grow as many plants as the size of your greenhouse allows.

There are many choices of greenhouses that can be purchased. You can choose between wooden framed greenhouses, which are not as popular these days because they are more expensive than the PVC framed greenhouses or metal framed greenhouses. Your budget, of course, will be a major factor in designing your urban growing facilities, but you mustn’t forget the types of accessories that you will require to make a success of your fruit and vegetable seeds.

You should check with your local planning authority to see if there are any rules against adding a greenhouse to your property and if you’re renting your home, you should check that your landlord is okay with you adding a greenhouse either indoors or outdoors. Either set of people will let you know what size unit you can purchase and this will reflect upon your future fruit and vegetable bills and your grocery store because the more you can grow your own greenhouse the less money you will need to give to the global corporations which send fruit and vegetables all around the world so they can be in your local store at all times of the year.

What better way to provide organically grown fruit and vegetables than to install your own greenhouse; just choose the best and biggest that you can afford and have space for.

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