A Guide To Log Cabin Kits

When people first talk about log cabins, your mind immediately springs to the classical American variety, where the freshly cut trees with the bark still attached form a beautiful home sat on a mountain top, or in the woods. No doubt, the log cabin looks out over an enormously vast lake or a fast moving stream. Here in the UK, log cabin homes tend to be the selection that sits in the traditional British rear garden.

Log cabin homes in the UK tend to be far more conservative in size, which is closely linked to your local authority planning permission rules which show you how big your log cabin can compared to your garden. Log cabins, UK built, are more likely to be a single room building, which acts as an addition to your main property and not, in fact, your entire property in one.

A Guide To Log Cabin Kits

A Guide To Log Cabin Kits

One of the advantages of purchasing one of the many log cabin kits that are presented from online companies, is that you know that every last screw, bolt and door lock will arrive in one package and delivered direct to your home.

Thinking about log cabin kits?

You can, of course, always build your own log cabin homes with wood supplied from your lumberyard and your blueprint plan purchased from an online vendor.

However, the time delay and hard work required to build a log cabin from wood and nails is a long way from browsing the Internet and seeing what log cabin kits are available.

The price saving from building your own log cabin homes is not particularly significant, although many DIY fanatics will appreciate building the unit across a few weekends and hoping the sun shines.

If you choose to go down the log cabin kit route, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before purchasing;

are the doors and windows included in the kit?
has all the wood been treated before it left the factory?
what does the kit really cost after you have added all the necessary extras?
can you assemble the log cabin kits yourself and would you need to borrow friends or hire a contractor?
do I have to connect water, electricity and perhaps, toilet facilities to the cabin?

Research is key

You can’t expect all log cabin homes to be the same. There are many variations within the log cabin kits that are available in the UK. You need to carefully research and find out the differences between the kits available. Only then will you know which extras you may need to purchase so that you can compare prices on a like-for-like basis.

Central to your final decisions about doors, windows and the size of the log cabin kit you wish to purchase will be your reasons for building a log cabin home in the first place.

If you wish to use your log cabin homes as a guesthouse, you will probably look towards a different style building then if you want to use the log cabin as your home gym. If you choose to move your home office out into your log cabin, you will be giving different considerations to heating, cooling and lighting your log cabin than if you were to use it just on summer days, to sit and read from your e-book collection.

Choosing to buy a log cabin kit is the easy way out; it’s the most sensible route to provide you with that mountain lake feeling as well as downloading some running stream sounds for your MP3 player.

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